Add-on: Private Comments

Comments for your team members only

Create comments that are only viewable by you and your team members. Easily manage conversations with your internal team and your external clients on the same preview page.

  • On the same page

    Keep private comments and general comments separated on the same preview page

  • Easy recognizable

    Private comments have the bright yellow color, so you can easily distinguish them from other comments.

  • Integrated in workflow

    All integrated in the current workflow, so no need to change your process or email notifications.

What are the costs for this add-on?
The price of the this add-on starts from $9 per month and is dependent on the plan you are subscribed to:

  • Small plan: $9
  • Medium plan: $19
  • Large plan: $24
  • XL and larger plans: $29

With this pricing it fairly reflects the usage of the platform and the possible usage of the add-on.

Do I pay per month or per year?
The billing period of the add-on will be similar with the billing period of your plan, and both will be on the same invoice.


Which team members can enable this add-on?
As enabling an add-on influences your billing, only admins within your account can enable and disable add-ons.

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