Banner approval made easy

Everything you need to get approval from your customer. Smart uploading, previews on real sites, and feedback management.

Preview your banner ads

Give your ads the stage they deserve. Upload your ads and present your ads to your client. And go one step further: demo your ads inside real websites. No email attachments for your clients anymore, but an overview at a glance.

“Adpiler saves us time and makes our clients happy – this is a must-have for banner production businesses.”


Annotated feedback on the banner

Simplify your feedback process. Your clients and team members comment directly on your ads. See new feedback for all your ad sets in one convenient place, or drill down by client or ad set. Use time-based comments for animated banner ads.

“Colleagues can easily feedback on banners, before we deliver to our clients. Adpiler has shortened our lead time to client’s approval.”


Save 3 hours per ad set

Automation and optimization saves you time. No more emails back and forth. No longer dependent from your developer to create a preview page. That saves you time to relax. Or start working on the next ad set.

“Our lead time to get banners staged and receive client feedback has dramatically decreased. It has saved us time and time means money.”

BeforeUsing Adpiler
Creating preview pages30 min3 min
Communication between designer and client120 min20 min
Revision round 245 min15 min
Revision round 345 min15 min
Total Average Time240 min53 min

Boost your feedback communication

Clients and team members can easily communicate using our feedback tool. No clear as mud feedback anymore. Targeted communication and clear resolving.