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TikTok mockups

TikTok mockups are key for capturing the unique, dynamic nature of this rapidly growing social platform. Utilize our tool to create and present mockups of your TikTok ads, including full-screen videos and interactive elements, in an environment that mirrors the actual user experience. This process is enhanced with integrated commenting and a streamlined approval flow, ensuring your content is perfectly attuned to the TikTok audience.

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Share TikTok mockups with Adpiler

Interactive feedback and comments

Encourage specific, actionable feedback on mockups to fine-tune your ads for maximum engagement and virality on TikTok.

Authentic user experience preview

Offer a true-to-life preview of how ads will look and feel on TikTok, ensuring they resonate with the platform's unique user base.

Rapid approval process

Speed up the approval cycle with a clear, concise workflow, keeping pace with TikTok’s fast-moving content trends.

Collaborate on all different ad types

Get feedback, reply and manage approvals in one tool

Annotated feedback

Give your clients the convenience to leave feedback while viewing the ad

Gather feedback 

Get rid of all those emails. Easily manage client’s feedback in one view.

Faster approvals

Let clients approve their ad set and save the name, time and IP for your records.

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Experience the simplicity and efficiency of Adpiler with our free tool. Create and share social media mockups in seconds. Discover a hassle-free way to collaborate and get feedback on your mockups – all at no cost.

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