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Customize your branding with white-labelling

Elevate your agency’s brand identity by white-labelling all preview and client pages. Offer clients a personalized, branded experience seamlessly integrated with your corporate style.

No credit card required

Personalize your client’s experience

Our white-labelling feature allows you to apply your agency’s branding across all client-facing pages. Enhance your professional image by presenting ad previews and reports under your brand, reinforcing trust and consistency in every client interaction. It involves custom colors, logo, and even your own subdomain.


Brand consistency

Maintain a cohesive brand image across all client interactions, reinforcing your agency's identity and values.

Increased credibility

Present a more professional, polished front to clients, elevating their perception of your agency.

Client trust and loyalty

Personalized branding enhances client experience, fostering trust and encouraging long-term client relationships.

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Preview on real websites

Show your ads in the right context: real websites.


Use your own logo and custom subdomain.

Preview and client pages

Present your full campaign, including all different ad types, to your client.


Сollaborate hassle-free

Comment and approve ads in a few clicks without hassle.

Client and campaign management

Manage all your clients and campaigns from within one platform.

Combine all ads together

Use any of 14 ad types for your campaign, including HTML5 and social mockups.

more features

File Versioning

Image Generator

History Tracking

Social mockups

Private Comments


Stop losing time and start simplifying banner approvals today

No credit card required

Easy to use

Share your first approvals page in minutes. Allow clients to download approved files from their link to send straight to publishers


Add your own logo and name OR your client’s. Group pages per client, project or campaign and stay organized


Upload revisions on the same preview link. Archive and retrieve past ads. Never lose track again


Save even more time with the Adpiler backup image generator. Static versions created for you based on your file uploads