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“Adpiler facilitates time reduction and lets us focus on the banner design”

De Nieuwe Zaak, an internet agency based in The Netherlands, has a team of 92 internet experts. The team needed a tool to easily create preview pages for their ads, together, individual and ideally on specific websites to give the client more context. “We’ve investigated to build our own solution,” said Stephanie Hein, designer at De Nieuwe Zaak, “but that will never meet the level of Adpiler.”

Before using Adpiler, they were emailing HTML5 ads as a zip-file to their clients, accompanied with instructions how to view in the browser. Feedback was given by email. At times, the team felt like they were spending more time handling all emails then designing the banners.

Adpiler helps us to present in a professional manner

“Thanks to Adpiler we are able to present our banner ads in a professional manner. And colleagues can easily feedback on banners, before we deliver to our clients.”

Antoon Bloem

Teamlead Online Advertising

Since the launch of Adpiler, De Nieuwe Zaak uses the platform to shorten the time to get client’s approval. Using Adpiler the team of De Nieuwe Zaak was able to deliver higher quality in less time. “With Adpiler we’ve increased our quality, both internally and to our clients,” said Antoon Bloem. “We were able to decrease the number of iterations which shortened our lead time to client’s approval.”

Adpiler has an unique concept which exactly meets our needs

“Since we use Adpiler we have decreased our lead time. The continuous loop of designing, adjusting, and approval of the banner ads has substantially shortened. It saves us all a lot of emails back and forth.”

Stephanie Hein