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Banner tips: Personalization and localization

August 4, 2017

75% of consumers say they are frustrated when a business serves them content, such as ads, that are not relevant to their interests, whereas marketers who do use personalization notice, on average, a 19% uplift in sales.

Personalization and localization is key to creating successful banners. With the average consumer consuming thousands of ads per day, anything that is not relevant to their interests will be ignored.

Here’s an advert from Southwest targeting consumers living in Austin, Texas:

This banner hits on three points of personalization and localization. Their advert shows the state’s national stadium, and it also has the state, city, and nickname of Texas to catch the customer’s eye.

During the Chinese New Year, the leveraged the national Asian holiday to set up a sweepstake (lead generation campaign) to win free flights for four people:


You can personalize an advert based on what you know about the audience, the geo-location of that audience, or by tagging in relevant seasonal holidays or current pop culture trends.

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