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Control your notifications

March 2, 2017

We love hearing from customers (both current and future), and our product development is based mainly on requests from people like yourself. What features did we recently add?


Control your notifications
Some of your actions are worth an email notification, like a new comment or an updated ad set. From now on, you can easily see who will receive that email notification and you’re able to easily add or remove people.
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Better performance heavy ads
Ads with video and images are great. Also literally… We’ve improved the performance of all preview pages, so those ads will render smoothly as well.


Name client and ad set on preview page
Improvements don’t need to be big to make a difference. Preview pages contain the name of the client and the name of the ad set to make communication even more easy. You can find them at the bottom left of your preview page.


Better recognizable email subjects
Do you manage multiple ad sets at the same time? You might get lost in all email notifications you get. From now, email subjects contain the name of the client and the name of the ad set, which will make filtering messages way easier.


This month we’re going to work on banner previews on mobile sites. It’s going to be cool 😉

Adpiler is a huge time-saver “Before using Adpiler, we hosted the banners on our own server and created a simple HTML-file to list them all. That took us a lot of time. Adpiler is a huge time-saver for us.”
John Doe


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