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Introducing: History tracking for preview pages

May 29, 2018

Announcing a great new feature: History tracking.

Do you want to have full control of what happened with your preview page? Who did what? Did my client receive that email notification? The History tracking is here to help you out. All major events are tracked, together with the user who triggered the action and the receivers of the email notification.


Where to find?

Log in into the platform and drill down to your client and preview page. Below the list of files you will find the complete history of your events.

Tracked events

From today, the following events are being tracked:

Preview page

  • Preview page created
  • Preview page name changed
  • Page setup updated
  • Settings updated
  • Preview page shared
  • Preview page status updated


  • File name updated
  • New files uploaded
  • File deleted


  • Comment resolution updated
  • New comment

Plan XL

This new feature is available for plan XL and larger. Are you on a smaller plan? We start tracking your events the moment you upgrade to plan XL.

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