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Introducing White-label Pro

April 25, 2017

You use Adpiler to share your work with your client, so you will probably like to preview that in your own branded environment. That’s why all our plans come with white-labeling: use your own logo and company name and even run the preview sites on your own custom subdomain.

Now we’re going one step further, and we introduce White-label Pro. This enables you to use unlimited white-labels in your account and set your branding per client.

Imagine you’re as independent banner developer working for several agencies. They want to preview your created ads to their clients. Now you can offer them their own branded environment.

White-label Pro is available for all accounts starting from Plan M.

Adpiler is a huge time-saver “Before using Adpiler, we hosted the banners on our own server and created a simple HTML-file to list them all. That took us a lot of time. Adpiler is a huge time-saver for us.”
John Doe


Founder Adpiler