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New features: How they benefit you

February 27, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce new features on Adpiler designed to streamline your workflow and enrich your campaign management process. With enhancements from client navigation to expanded file support, our latest updates are here to ensure your efforts are more efficient than ever.

Seamless navigation from Preview pages to Platform

Enjoy direct links from Client and Preview pages back to the platform for easy campaign management. Of course, only visible for logged-in platform users.

Flexible group creation: top or bottom?

Now, you have the choice to add new groups to the top or bottom of your campaigns, offering you more organizational flexibility.

Webp support

Adpiler now fully supports Webp files, alongside gif, png, and jpg, broadening your options for ad creatives or any other creative images.

Enhanced folder management

‘Move to folder’ functionality has been expanded to include moving campaigns, folders, and subfolders for better organization. You can now easily move folders into other (sub)folders.

Improved commenting flow

When sharing a direct link to an individual file with your client, they’ll now stay focused on the file once they click the Comments tab. This will help your client to leave feedback easier.

Minor updates and fixes

At Adpiler, we’re dedicated to enhancing your experience, and these recent updates ensure a smoother journey:

  • Export comments: Exporting comments now includes detailed data like Client name, Campaign name, and file name, making your reporting more thorough.
  • Special characters: Better support for special characters.
  • Ratio of video in social mockups: We no longer change the ratio (or crop) of an uploaded video to a carousel. This gives you all the flexibility to upload any file.
Adpiler is a huge time-saver “Before using Adpiler, we hosted the banners on our own server and created a simple HTML-file to list them all. That took us a lot of time. Adpiler is a huge time-saver for us.”
John Doe


Founder Adpiler