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Updates: Move files, Google ads, and social mockup downloads

June 24, 2024

We’re excited to share some significant updates we’ve implemented, all designed to enhance your experience and streamline your workflow. From moving ads between campaigns to major enhancements in Google ads and social ad mockups, these updates are tailored to improve your workflow.

Easier Campaign Management: Move Ads Between Campaigns

You can now seamlessly move ads and social mockups from one campaign to another within the same client’s portfolio. This new feature simplifies how you manage and reorganize campaigns, ensuring you can adapt quickly to your client’s evolving needs without starting from scratch.

Social Ad Mockups: Enhanced Download Features

Updates to our social ad mockups now include all carousel copy in the download, ensuring you have all textual content at your fingertips. Additionally, when downloading assets, the file names will now include the card number followed by the original file name, like ‘2-other-original-name.jpg’, making it easier to organize and identify your media files.

Enhanced Google Ads: New Features for Better Visibility

We’ve rolled out several updates to Google ads to enhance your visibility and effectiveness. Now, ads will display a favicon and the brand name above the ad, eliminate pagination by showing all variations at once, and mix descriptions more effectively for varied alternatives. Plus, we’re automatically adding a period at the end of descriptions, mirroring Google’s standard formatting.

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