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Uploading without any delay

October 29, 2020

We are continuously working on Adpiler, mostly based on the feedback we get from our great users. We really appreciate the feedback you give us. We have been hard at work on a handful of smaller, but impactful updates. Here’s what new:

⚡️ Uploading without any delay
To make the upload process faster, we have made an improvement to our uploader. Your dropped files will immediately start uploading, instead of waiting for you to click the button to continue. This will simply save you time.

🛠️ Automatically detect ad dimensions of HTML5 ads 
When uploading any file, we automatically detect the file dimensions for you. This is very straightforward with image files, but a bit more complicated with HTML5 ads. We were already able to detect file dimensions from >80% of all uploaded HTML5 ads. Thanks to some smart algorithms we have increased that number to over 90%. That will save you even more time.

🐛 Sorting and empty groups
1. You can sort the files on the preview page as you like. Sometimes the sorting got broken when combined with any backup image. We have fixed that, so sorting goes smoothly as it should be.
2. Since our latest release we had a bug that your preview page couldn’t handle empty groups. We have fixed that, so you could even have empty groups on your preview page.

🔭 Any teaser…?
At the same time we are working on some bigger things. A new design, new UX, and new features are coming up… Stay tuned 

Adpiler is a huge time-saver “Before using Adpiler, we hosted the banners on our own server and created a simple HTML-file to list them all. That took us a lot of time. Adpiler is a huge time-saver for us.”
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