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“We’ve got GROUPS!” (and more new features)

April 4, 2019


Are you handling lots of files on 1 preview page? Groups will help you out. You can split those files into different groups on the same preview page. This will help you to categorize the files to your client. Show your animated ads and backup images on the same page, but in different groups for example? This is the way to go.


How to use groups?
When you are logged in into the platform and drill down to your client and preview page, you will see ‘Groups’ in the right sidebar. Easily start creating new groups, moving files into a group or deleting an existing group.
Read further to create your first group.


Structure and filename of your downloads

The files from a preview page can be downloaded as a zip-file. From now, you have 2 defaults to define the structure and filename of the file:

  • Zip-file with each file separated (default): You will get 1 zip-file which contains all the different files in the same folder.
  • Zip-file with each group as separate folder: You will get 1 zip-file which will group your files corresponding the groups on the preview page
  • Zip-file with backup images in separate folder: You will get 1 zip-file whereby the backup images are stored within 1 folder.

The filename of the downloaded zip-file is by default the name of the preview page. But you can change that default by using one or more variables and/or text. You can use the following variables:

  • $previewpagename: name of the preview page
  • $clientname: name of the client
  • $creationdate: date (yyymmdd) of creation of the preview page
  • $creationyear: year (yyyy) of creation of the preview page
  • $creationmonth: month (mm) of creation of the preview page
  • $creationday: day (dd) of creation of the preview page

Read more in our Knowledge Base.


More, more, more…

Based on your feedback, we have rolled out more features and improvements, including the following:

  • Special characters were handled correctly on the preview page, but could give some issues on the comment-section in the platform. We’ve now fixed that.
  • We love the ad previews on real websites within the preview pages, but it was not visible enough. We’ve fixed that with adding some text the dropdown on the preview page. Your clients can’t miss this.
  • Creating a lot of preview pages this morning? We guide you through the upload process with a breadcrumb. Never get lost anymore.
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